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My dreams are mostly:

Everyone gets what's coming

A better choice than this one

Of Driving (70mph)

Running//being chased

Lost inside a hospital


I know the right one is coming:

It just has to be

like in the movies

Let's make plans to eat.


In the red light:

I see pig nosed

Finger pushed

Baseball hat backwards

Naked man

In new dress

Bouncer who "sunsets bay"

walks them out to the stairs

3 pretty white girls

like they own the place.


IN the Red Light I:

Cellphone microglow

Took a job that

Not really sure

(if) single (or) not

Hair Brush

Nowhere to go

I am the only person who is safe.

Kissy Face


At like eleven thirty or twelve o'clock

Why are they happier than you?


I was so much older then:

Going forward

Idea Showers

Product Evangelist

Platform Atheists

Incentivise production

Let's touch base about that

Loop back

A more holistic, cradle-to-grave approach

A real Challenge

Low Hanging Fruit


From the get-go

going foward [TOGETHER]

Still Optimistic


My Friends:

Have their fingers down my throat

Door is always open

& also in addition

Step up to the plate

Paradigm Shifts

Cascading Down



Reduction to the workforce

Living the values

two point oh

Drill Down

Wrongside the demographic