Joining the lead group with
     a lack of common sense
  and an iPhone

playing on the remote control
i can’t help
     but overhear on the tv:
a massacre in Lansing —
a sacred landslide election
recorded by electronic device —

i can’t help:
it soaks in sips
from paper cups,

it spits & swallows
you in
the living room.

 it goes for the hug
on the back porch;
you still in
the living room

it don’t complain —
he don’t shiver —
you know,
i used to think
i was psychic but
now i can’t even see the floor.

you know
i used to think
a lot of things
until you
walked out the door

cause you want
at least a thousand dollars
in liquid cash
on hand
at all times

cause you’d never
leave the flock,
(you feckless fuck),
without a guarantee

you’d never leave
never leave
to join the lead group

with or without me

the rat

after he's done,
after the break up

could go
could go and write
could go and write cartoons
for the new yorker

it’s been a long time
since the last night

you didn’t cry then
so don’t cry now

which is of course
of course
in our DNA

like diplomats on vacation
like being head over knees
like giving up the finer things

for the cheese

we have come
to the streets
after the last

military would march
that wheel
house floods

phrases forked or
“to be clearer”

to expose
a business dedicated
to the proposition that

this enemy who never attacked
always stood in the way
(and it was always that way)

a mixture of
a new kind of network
and an ever-drying womb

to kiss ashes across
all that you have to do:

to ride a
car once in a while

and yet, to
rub one out and
admit that

it doesn’t feel good after

and yet —
took its toll
almost anticipating
and fearing —

in the shape
of words that sit
for days

we have come
(though once abundant over much)
to the streets

to the hallway of your
as a slug,
it seems

in the shape
that he couldn’t
come he couldn’t
come for me.
————————————————————————————————— oh, i’m sorry is that against the law ? i didn’t realize t ha t y o u we r e n ’ t. a l l o w e d a l l o w e d to d o t h a t —————————————————————————— we were rich and white before your head exploded your whole world you think was loaded i know i discovered you're so special cause you're dead ————————————————— in quarantine you go crazy morality society give me a break learn to wash your face do the dishes& fold the laundry you gotta have the babies so much to do humanity depends on you a profanity ——————————————————————— iheard that summer is ready when you are