when walking pursued as if
Beside oneself, being 
Caressing husband and child, then pushes away 
Chaotic, confused behavior

Bed, someone is in, with him 
Call someone 
With name, the absent mother or sister 
Child, is not hers

Dead, corpse on a bier, he himself was 
Dead persons, sees 
Devil, he is 
Devil speaking in one ear, 
angel in the other, prompting to murder 
Double, of being

Husband, he is not her 
???Mind and body are separated
Someone is Behind him
???Persecuted, he is

Another Person is in the room
Possessed, being 
body was too small for 
Soul, body separated from

is under Superhuman control
Three persons
hears voices,
Calling his name 
possessed of two wills
as if in a dream
sense of duality

fear, apprehension 
someone is behind
being taken by the devil
people, of 
poisoned being

Gestures automatic////
for persons
for what he has read
for everything he has seen
Word, of 
Confounds future with past 
Present with future 
Mood, alternating 
does not recognize his relatives
everything seems strange
persistent thoughts
mind and body are separated

Two trains of thought 
Unfeeling, hard of hearing
contradiction of will