The Surrealists’

wakefulness and sleep,

dredge up

the murky subconscious


the page or canvas.




a dream culture

awash in

surfing The vast amount


silently in a room with nothing



a collective dreamspace

and John Cage.

Nothing is off limits

never before the past decade

My emotions?

My history?

My biases and passions?

can’t help but express

more than a generation, but

our dislikes,

our emotions,

our politics,

my frustration with reading endless

Finnegans Wake, in essence

long-form blogging

in the margins

still sounds shocking to many

in front of their screens

Yet our lives

need to drift

Surely we’re more complex than

bureaucracies that suck the life from you

Kenneth Goldsmith’s latest book is “Seven American Deaths and Disasters.” He teaches poetry and poetics at the University of Pennsylvania.

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