Rose and Alan Do...

MILF Manor

Join Rose and Alan as they stumble through the adventures of eight hot MILFs on one sexy island.

Episode 4 - Kicked Out of MILF Manor

This week MILF Manor jumps the shark. The MILFs go speed dating and of course it's awkward for everyone involved. Find out if Stefany will finally pick between Ryan and Gabe? Are Kelle and Billy gonna go all the way? Which MILF and son are getting sent home? Join Rose and Alan for the answer to these questions, and much much more!

Episode 3: Mezcal and MILFs

We're back with everything you need to know about MILF Manor Season 1, Episode 3. This time some of the MILFs get to try real Mexican mezcal, along with a special treat. Elsewhere, MILFs be dancing and romancing all over the manor. Join Rose and Alan as they try to get to the bottom of MILF Manor's most pressing question: is this a gameshow, or a vacation?

Episode 2: The Secret Life of MILFs

Everybody has secrets, even the residents of MILF manor. Join Rose and Alan as they get to the bottom of such mysteries as: who had sex on a beach, and which MILF slept with their son's best friend! Also, a little lingua fracas may have soured a budding relationship.

Episode 1: Let's Go MILF-ing

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Rose and Alan Do... MILF Manor. Join Rose and Alan as they review the first episode of TLC's latest American tragedy: eight strong-minded and hot MILFs head off to a paradise destination looking for love, but of course there's a twist!