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Read Less, Know More:

Two Films, expressing the spirit

A long drive home

Books for Young Depressives

Fun, Sharp, Hilarious, and rip-roaringly original(!)

The next smash hit

A heartwarming picture book about the healing power of friendship

We're getting there:

Underpay the youth

destroy the middle class

sell out your own people


bail out the tax payers

education for the masses

people behind the computer

working class mr. president

garment workers in Bangladesh

money for food & shelter

11 ½ cents an hour to twenty-three cents/hr


Compete Against This:

abolishing the middle wage

decimated manufacturing class

disastrous trade policy

(sick thinking about it)

crooks on wall street

deregulate the banks

my god it's terrific!

in the house of representatives

Allen Greenspan before the committee



Somewhere on the internet:

someplace in the world

what we see

i may be wrong

a business model based on fraud

so many lawyers

and friends in congress

that you can destroy the economy


too big to fail