That's Not Interesting

A Podcast For People Who Don't Really Care For Podcasts

Congratulations, You have stumbled upon the least interesting podcast on all of the internet! Winner of the 4th Annual 5th Annual Award winning show Thatsnotinteresting works tirelessly to produce the least interesting content available.

Check out what people are saying:

"This stuff is so not interesting that you can sometimes actually hear the crickets in the background."

"The people behind this podcast have to be the most ignorant people in existence."
— Terry Gross

"Please stop emailing me for a quote."
— Tom Wolfe(RIP)

In this episode, we find out why you don't want nails in your breakfast -- or maybe you do, that's none of our business. After food dangers, we find out that Regular Phil has died from being ignored -- a totally regular way that people die, quite unlike Blood Oaths and squirrel traps. Then we play a Wikipedia Game and talk about the importance of Ms. Maryland Teen USA and the Anonymous Florida Man.

Sad news everybody: we have a new email addresss. Also, our production assistant Tamala is dead. Join the gang as we reminisce about all those classic Tamala moments, like her love of junk mail and bizare reaction to garlic.

Join us as we play the stocks, drink too much and welcome in the New Year. FEATURING SPECIAL GUESTS HANNAH AND NATHAN

The protagonist of the story is Ebony (occasionally Enoby, Eboby, Evony, Ebory, Enobby, Enopby, Egogy, Tara, or TaEbory) Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way, a seventeen-year-old vampire who attends Hogwarts (located in England instead of the original books' Scotland) as a member of Slytherin House. Hogwarts is depicted as being divided between two cliques, the goths and the preps. Ebony and all the sympathetic characters are part of the goth clique while the members of the prep clique are portrayed unsympathetically. Many of the main characters of Harry Potter are given "goffik" [sic] makeovers, moved to the Slytherin House, and renamed.

Turns out our real email addresss is:, or at least for now. Special Guest @FerranMika helps us implore you to email us if you've ever been to a place.

Do you know any losers in Peru? Let us know ASAP.

Ronny, Dave, and the mystery of South Jersey

Snacks volunteers to direct a live, old-fashioned radio drama in honor of That's Not Interesting's 50th anniversary. When everyone involved gathers in the studio to take part, the show begins to generate a life of its own.

Under a fickle summer sky our annual fundraiser episode gets off to a great kickstarter when all our celebrity friends come out to help us gofund yourself. Unfortunately this episode was cut short because someone needed our assistance, and despite what Tom Wolfe would have you believe, we are good people. For more information on celebrities please visit this site.

Years of some kind of work pay off: we are finally picked up by NPR!!!

After The Fire, The Gang Moves Into a New Studio and (Once Again) Forgets They Are Recording A Podcast

Peppy Preppers Picked a Prickly Pear Pickle Posers Picnic

In this very special minisode we are the 5th board of the first Annual 5th Annual 5th month of the Year Award. Tasked with the task to announce the winner of the month of year award, we finally come to a conclusion. Maybe.

Also, we’re not allowed to say the name of the month.

Cuntlestilskin / Cuntpocalypse / Cuntopia

That’s Not Interesting is the Winner of the 4th Annual 5th Annual Award winning show — this episode tackles hard tackling issues like fish suicide and comptrollers in South & North Dakota(s).

After taking care of important legal devices, the gang welcomes special guest Zach and revisits the earliest days of the internet where one could get sewing machines from Canada, IN REAL LIFE. New exciting sponsorship opportunities present themselves, and then we answer some fan submitted questions about super hero movies. Then we break out the paper clips and things get REALLY NOT INTERESTING

In this episode we finally get our shit together.

Yard Sale Consultants

How Mike Collins Fucks Jeff & Melissa

Featuring very special sponsor, the shape store.

We change the name of the show (again), and get a real email address!

We change the name of the show, and get a fake email address!

Alan Stepped in Poop