it's so wrong, i know. all i want is for you to holdme like i'm your boy. hold me and never let go, like the way you used to. wrap yourself around me. keep me close, your legs around my waist. i want you to do this to me all the time, because i want you all the time. just like how when we played goldeneye on the n64, you covered me with yourself and i was never cold. remember that? and how you held me like brand new, and i was yours and you were mine, and nobody had to know. it was the first time. then i'd visit you at the school store, and you'd give me the candy for free. remember how when you're not around and i'm not the same, &everybody else notices. &i can't wait for the weekend, when we can be alone. and we go for a walk to the store and buy the junk food; your eyes i remember now i had a magnifying glass and the smell of your hoodie — I kept it so close — did you ever smell me? did you even mean it? pressed up against, you know what i mean, i was always yours for the taking. we could have had the best time.